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Date: Nov 12, 2014 | Author: Ken Harrington

Palma Tours claims to be a tour company that is registered in Miami Florida. However, the only contact information they provide is a Dominican telephone number that you can use to contact them using WhatsApp and Viber. The fact that they list a PO Box as their address, should also be a clue that this business is probably not a legitimate one. You have to also ask yourself, why is a Dominican Tour Operator running out of Miami. Could it be they are not licensed or have the correct insurance to operate in the Dominican Republic?

Palma Tours LLC
PO Box 1589
Miami, FL 33130
Phone (also WhatsApp and Viber)
+1 849-851-3403





Upon further investigation we can find out that these guys aren’t even registered in the state of Florida as they claim.

These guys are starting to look pretty shady by now. I really doubt you would want to risk paying or investing any of your hard earned money with them. Lets look at their tours.

Hmmm… they look pretty similar to another site. In fact, 100% of what they are selling is plagiarized stolen content. Now you have to ask yourself, if someone is will to go through all this trouble to steal from someone else, how much extra effect would be involved on their part to steal from you?

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