Weather in Punta Cana
Feels like 24°C
Mostly Cloudy
27°C / 23°C
27° / 22° 27° / 22° 26° / 22°
Rarely does it rain during the day, the Weather in Punta Cana and Bavaro is one reason this is the most desirable place in the Caribbean for vacation. Punta Cana’s climate is dry, compared to the rest of the Dominican Republic, and palm trees flourish along the coast. This is what makes it an ideal place for a Caribbean vacation. You might have a shower or two during your stay, but the weather here is quite cooperable.

With over twenty miles of white sandy beaches and palm trees, no other destination in the Caribbean can compare. Punta Cana weather is very predictable, that’s why it’s the most popular destination in the Caribbean.

Do not worry too much about the weather forecasts showing clouds and thunderstorms! The weather is very specific to the weather station, and if it rains somewhere within the range of that station, a rain icon will appear. You will sometimes see thunderstorms predicted or recorded for every day during two week period. It does NOT mean that it will rain every day. The weather is usually better at the coast anyway, which is where all the hotels and resorts are.

Monthly Averages for Weather in Punta Cana

Month Avg High Avg Low Avg Rain Water Temp
Weather Averages for Punta Cana
Jan 81F 71F 2.60 in 81F
Feb 81F 71F 2.10 in 79F
Mar 82F 71F 2.10 in 81F
Apr 85F 72F 2.70 in 81F
May 85F 73F 4.90 in 82F
Jun 86F 75F 4.10 in 82F
Jul 86F 76F 3.10 in 82F
Aug 87F 76F 4.10 in 82F
Sep 87F 75F 4.00 in 84F
Oct 86F 74F 6.00 in 84F
Nov 84F 73F 4.60 in 82F
Dec 82F 72F 3.10 in 81F