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Caribbean Route | Tour Operator in Punta Cana

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It looks like so called “Tour Operators” in Punta Cana have sunk to a new low. Today I have found Caribbean Route, a Tour Operator doing business within Punta Cana. You have to have a sharp eye to differential the scams from the legitimate tour operators here (they actually

The Shocking Truth About Dominican Auto Insurance

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The Dominican Republic has the worst drivers in the world! There are more deaths per capita related to motor vehicles accidents than any other country in the world. That”s the sad and ugly truth about the Dominican Republic. It”s not a matter of IF you get into an auto

Travel and Tours RD

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Travel and Tours RD is a tour operator doing business within the Punta Cana region of the Dominican Republic. The good news is that they are actually a legally registered company here in the Dominican Republic with RNC #392459. However, their claim to have been in business for the

Canopy Zipline Adventure

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Canopy Adventure Punta Cana is the BEST and SAFEST zipline in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Being the #1 tourist destination in the Caribbean, Punta Cana canopy zipline adventure an an adrenaline thrill for the entire family.

Tour Operator – Palma Tours

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Palma Tours claims to be a tour company that is registered in Miami Florida. However, the only contact information they provide is a Dominican telephone number that you can use to contact them using WhatsApp and Viber. The fact that they list a PO Box as their address, should